Sweat now, shine later! ft. Anytime Fitness

Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog!
When I started blogging around a year back, I told you guys that I'll try to keep my blogposts as verstile as possible! I've written blogs related to fashion, beauty, travel, makeup and today I'm with with yet another blogpost, this times it's related to a topic that we tend to usually ignore because of our busy lives... IT'S FITNESS!

So I recently went to Anytime Fitness, Rajouri Garden to attend their bloggers meet and I was surprised and amazed to see the facilities that this gym is providing. And trust me guys, no other gym, I repeat, no other gym is providing all these amazing facilities.

Before we look into the facilities Anytime Fitness is providing us, let's first understand the need for us to workout and go to a gym.

1. It boosts your self esteem
Going to the gym may take you one step closer to wearing that pair of jeans from two years ago that you’ve been nostalgically holding onto. Feeling good about how you look shouldn’t be understated.

2. It improves your relationships

3. Your body will thank you in the long run

4. It helps in releasing stress

5. you will feel happier

6. Improves your sleeping pattern

I got an opportunity to attend Anytime Fitness bloggers meet on World Heart Day and there I got to know so many astonishing things about the Gym brand, let's read about them

1. Time

Guys, time is always running and one of the main reason why we don't join a gym is because we don't have time. Anytime fitness solves this issue as it's opened 24 hours a day all throughout the week. You can google about it too!

2. Place

We are not always at one particular place. Sometimes we are travelling that is why we can't go to our gym, or sometimes we sleepover at our friend's or relative's place. But what if I tell you that if you buy Anytime fitness' membership, you get an access to all the their Gyms across the GLOBE. Yes, you read that right, Anytime fitness allows you to access their clubs all across the globe. So if you are travelling to some other country for vacation, you can workout there too or if you plan a sleepover at your friend's place, you can hit the nearby gym there as well!

3. Personal training

When we think of hitting the gym, the thought often comes in our mind that who will be there to guide us as we know nothing about the equipments and exercises. There are Personal Trainers at the gym to guide you personally according to your body and metabolism. and other than that, there are floor trainers as well.

4. Maximum utility

We want the maximum utility out of anything on which we've spent our money. At Anytime Fitness, there are so many equipments and machines which you can rarely find at any other gym that it is true value for money.

5. Zumba

Zumba is very effective for weight loss and at Anytime fitness, Zumba sessions take place regularly and it is so much fun!




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