Taste of Royalty ft. Noor Mahal

One should always travel from time to time,
for travel broadens one's horizon.
                               -Vridhi Dhamija

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I just got done with my internal exams and I'm super excited to write blogs again for you all :D

I just love to travel and trust me guys, if traveling was free and my parents start allowing me to travel frequently, you would hardly see me in Delhi, lol🙈

Recently I went on a staycation to Noor Mahal with 'The Gypsy Rhapsody' and the property was so cosmic, magnificent and royal that I'm actually falling short of words in praising that splendid beauty.
I think of myself as a young princess from a long line of royalty (don't judge me :p) that is why I fell in love with the property as soon as I entered it.
I went there with few other bloggers and Noor Mahal welcomed all of us with garlands, drinks, and by singing Rajasthani folk music and dancing on the same.

On the first day we all went on a property tour and guys the property was so huge that it took us an hour to cover the entire Palace.
Built in Rajasthani style, this property will give you all the royal vibes you'll ever need!
The staff was so gentle and polite, they treated us like real princesses😻
Then the lunch was served and we had continental food along with a few mocktails. the variety of food they offered us was astonishing!
For dinner, we went t the Frontier Train restaurant with real vintage luxurious feels. It was inspired from the legendary Frontier Mail that operated in Mumbai and Peshwar during pre-independence era.  The live music performance gave me chills throughout my body, it was truly astounding.

The start of my next day was delightful as they booked me a spa which was so relaxing that no amount of words can justify my rejuvenating experience there. I almost slept during my spa 🙈

The pool area was one place I spent my maximum time as I am a pool baby. The majestic palace view alongside the pool was like a cherry on the top.

A Rajasthani dinner night was arranged for all of us and the way they welcomed us was so royal that I actually started believing that I'm a real princess , lol :D
They offered us a huge thali with so many lip smacking dishes that I ate it all in one go.

Noor Mahal is a perfect place for a weekend getaway for a rejuvenating, royal and luxurious experience. You'll start feeling that you are in a different era all together when you'll step in there.

Every girl has a dream to live like a princess in a palace of her own and Nor Mahal made my wish come true 


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