Hey guys! My blog, which means the world to me has completed 1 year. I am a proud parent of a year old blog now lol. I have managed to keep it creative, vegetative, fairly entertaining and alive. I am so ecstatic and overwhelmed with emotions today.
Firstly, I want to thank you all for your love and support all this while. I started this blog With 10k followers and today we are big family of 66k which I could never anticipate and now I am in awe.
I feel like this is some award winning speech that I am pening down but please bear with me guys.
🙈 I am so honoured to be an influencer/blogger as I get to connect, inspire, get inspired by so many people like you all. Thank you for taking interest in my work and for sticking buy :')

I vividly remember  the day when I had to pay for my blog's domain for my very own website. I asked  my parents for money, they presumed it was for shopping. I admit I am a shopaholic :p. I explained them what was going on and honestly they thought I was going crazy. They were afraid if I was deviating from my studies. Somehow, I was able to convince them and they unwillingly adjusted to the situation.
Gradually they realised how I was striving hard to grow each day, they understood my potential and started supporting me in every way. They even Gave me a surprise by buying me a DSLR.
I was on cloud 9. It was surreal. It was the best thing. It was euphoric. I was just so happy.
Since then there is no stopping. They  even click my pictures if there is no one around to do it for me. I can't thank them enough I have been so blessed. They've always been so supportive :'D

MY BROTHERRR!!! 20% of the pictures on my feed have been clicked by my brother.
He is the most supportive brother ever in everyway. He is literally, LITERALLY my secret diary.
He gives me ideas for my content as well.

My dear friend, Sohail and ofcourse my other friends as well, a BIG THANKS to them for clicking my pictures in college in the scorching heat. Guys believe me it gets really tough to click pictures in college because on one hand it’s really hot and on the other hand everybody around is watching you, haha.
My very own Insta hashtag #collegelookbookbyvridhi belongs to my friends :'D because if they stop clicking my pictures (which will never happen :p) then this hashtag will be of no use.

All the photographers who have done my shoots till date. I seriously want to thank you all for helping me. For clicking me. For editing my pictures. For making my feed look so beautiful. Thanks a lot guysss!!! Means A LOT.

My dearestttt sister, friend, irritating ass, Sakshi. She doesn’t even stay here in Delhi. She puts up in Bareilly. We are long distance bestest friends and sisters and even then she manages to motivate me every single time.
She always makes sure to message me whenever I try something different or whenever she likes my work. She is my very own critic, lol. She keeps appreciating me every now and then and she doesn’t even know that across the screen, I literally have tears in my eyes because I feel so good. (Okay, now she knows it before all of you because SHE EVEN HELPS ME IN WRITING MY BLOGS.)
Before putting up my blogpost, I send it to her and she corrects it if there are any mistakes. I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER.

Most of you do not know but I’m pursuing law as well. And managing college and blogging together gets really tough but all these people are making it possible for me.
This was one big ass speech but guys believe my when I started with my blogging and then I gradually started with social media influencing, I had no idea that I will get so much love from you all.
I read all your DMs and it literally feels so warm and good while I go through your msgs.
The feeling that there are so many people out there who look upto you is surreal and once again THANK YOU ALL.

1 year down, many many more to go❤️

Attaching some pictures here from the shoot I did for my blog's first anniversary :D

Photography by Mohit Samyal


  1. Its a greattt story dea....

    And thankt you for motivating.


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