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Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog.

My mission in life is not only to survive, but to thrive. I have always loved dressing and and styling my outfits and one day I just thought that I should share my ideas, my hacks, my tricks and my styling tips with you all. That's when I started my blog :)

Today I'd like to tell you that only trendy fashionable clothes aren't enough for you to look good. you have to look amazing overall isn't it? and for that you need to carry a nice bag, wear some accessories and most importantly, DON'T FORGET YOUR SHOES!

I recently came across this wonderful online shopping websites for flats and guyssss, I'm crushing over their collection like literally.
They have basic flats, footwears with a little platform and what not. Their collection is perfect for your college, outings, lunch and brunch dates, get togethers etc :D

I got myself 3 pairs and mind you guys I wear them everyday to college


I used to hate this colour but suddenly it's one of my favs. the moment
I saw these flats on their website, I knew that I had to buy them. Plus the stud detailing is like a cherry on the top :D


'XOXO' means hugs and kisses
"See you soon ya, love you, xoxo"
^This is something that I always say while saying bye. I love saying 'xoxo' so much that as soon as I saw this pair, I was like 'Dudeee you gotta buy that pair!'


I'm a glitter child! I love glitter so much that I can bath in it :p
So I got myself this glittery golden pair

I just love the strap styling and glitter and metallic detailing.

A women can never be satisfied with whatever she has, she always wants more isnt it :p
So other than these three, I'm eyeing on the following pairs and I shall buy them soon :D

'What ever' because that's what I always say! 

I just love tan colour and the style 

"FOTD" because flat of the day is as important as OOTD

 For the bohemian soul in me

Because Duh! I rule ya ;)

Cuz i love pastels :D

That's it for today, see you next time :D bye beautiful people, much love, xoxo


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