Hair colouring FAQs ft. Hibiscus Wellness and Spa

Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog :D
It has been a long time since I've posted anything here. So I'm back with another blogpost for y'all. This was highly requested by you guys.
I recently got my hair coloured in ombre style and I got tons of DMs on Instgaram asking about my hair colour shade, and general FAQs related to colouring your hair.
So in this blogpost I am gonna answer all your queries 😅


Hair Colour Shade

My ombre shade is a golden-brown shade, but I wanted more of an orange-y tone. Hibiscus people suggested me that I should go for golden brown shade rather than golden-orange and I can't thank them enough. I am literally in love with my new hair, I feel more confident ever since I got my hair coloured.  

My ombre shade is Loreal's 7.33 with a little touch of 9.13 to add a bright golden effect to it.

I got it done in the lower ends of my hair rather than starting from the middle because that's what I wanted. Now a days, it's a trend to go for an ombre look which starts from the middle or colouring 3/4th of your hair . It looks great but that's not something I wanted so I only coloured the lower ends of my hair or 1/4th portion of my hair.

A little about the Salon

The Salon was beautiful and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I just loved the interior and the decor. The prices were also very affordable and pocket friendly. 

General FAQs related to hair colouring

Q1- Does Hair colouring damage my hair?
A1- Well I'll be really honest with you guys here. I already have very rough and frizzy hair. I always get smoothening done to my hair (currently on my third smoothening). After I got my hair coloured, the ends of my hair feel really rough, maybe because I already have rough hair, but because I already had my smoothening done so it kind of evened out the roughness. The roughness depends upon person to person because all of us have different kinds of hair. So its best to consult the hair dresser or the person concerned at the salon before actually going for it. I have friends who do not feel much roughness after getting their hair coloured. It depends on the products you use as well. Do not go for cheap products because I'm sure you don't want to damage your hair. 

Q2- What shade should I use?
A2- All the shades do not suit everybody. You should go for a shade that suits your skin tone. there are certain shades which makes your complexion look darker. And there are shades which make you look fairer. There are so many apps now a days (like makeup plus) where you can colour your hair in the app and can actually see whether it will suit you or not. You can also ask the Salon people for some advices. 

Q3- What products should I use for after care?
A3- Always use hair colour protect shampoo and conditioner, preferably by the brand you got your colour done from. get hair spas done regularly because hair colour damages your hair to an extent. 

Q4- Can I mix shades?
A3- Go for it, you little artist you. Just keep in mind for best results, mix shades no more than 2-3 shades lighter or darker than each other.

Q5- In how much time the hair colour fades or goes away?
A5- The hair colour never really goes away. Yes, it fades away but not completely, it stays there forever! Yes, you read that right. You hair colour will always be there, as you hair will grow from the roots and you will get you hair trimmed, that's how the colour goes away from the bottom( by cutting your hair).


That's it! :D If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on intagram or comment down below.

Here are some pictures of my hair colour process 



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