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Hair colouring FAQs ft. Hibiscus Wellness and Spa

Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog :D
It has been a long time since I've posted anything here. So I'm back with another blogpost for y'all. This was highly requested by you guys.
I recently got my hair coloured in ombre style and I got tons of DMs on Instgaram asking about my hair colour shade, and general FAQs related to colouring your hair.
So in this blogpost I am gonna answer all your queries 😅

Hair Colour ShadeMy ombre shade is a golden-brown shade, but I wanted more of an orange-y tone. Hibiscus people suggested me that I should go for golden brown shade rather than golden-orange and I can't thank them enough. I am literally in love with my new hair, I feel more confident ever since I got my hair coloured.  
My ombre shade is Loreal's 7.33 with a little touch of 9.13 to add a bright golden effect to it.

I got it done in the lower ends of my hair rather than starting from the middle because that's what I wanted. Now a days, it's a trend to go for an ombr…