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Goldilocks! (1 bralette top, 3 ways) ft. Koovs

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog

Have you ever felt that you have nothing to wear? You recently purchased a bundle of clothes from your favourite brand and yet you can't find a perfect outfit for the day, no matter how many times your pockets get empty and accounts on overdraft you always end up panicking at the last moment.
You might own all the possible colors and your wardrobe gets flooded with a plethora of peppy clothes, you might as well have pulled out a few strands of your hair in stress while your senses freeze looking at the chaos, because the clock is ticking and you are running short of time. Also, we girls don't really like to repeat our clothes, do we? But let's face the reality guys, we can't go without repeating them.
If you can related to this then I'm sure you have experienced such a nerve wracking situation in your life. Don't worry!  Keep calm and cut yourself some slack because I got you a very simple time saving hack, and the best part is that …