Its Halloweeeeen!! (Makeup Lookbook) ft. The Redfox Makeup Academy

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'Halloween' is celebrated in a number of countries on 31st October. Halloween activities include attending Halloween costumes parties, carving pumpkin, lighting bonfires , games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, children collecting sweets from neighbours and watching horror films
However, it is NOT a festival that is celebrated in India, but thanks to our generation welcoming this festival in India as well.
Youngsters have started celebrating the festival by getting ready in their Halloween costumes and going out for a party. On 31st October if you plan to go out for an evening party dressed normally, you'll feel undressed because you'll find everybody in crazy Halloween outfits!

What I feel is that costumes are not the main thing to concentrate upon for this festival, if one really wants to stand out, he/she should concentrate on their makeup

So here I am giving you 2-3 makeup ideas for tonight :D
The outfit is same for all the makeup looks because I want to prove that clothes do not matter on halloween as long as your makeup is on point!
Also a big shoutout to The Redfox Makeup Academy for such amazing makeup!

So all you witches, wizards and sleeping lizards, WAKE UP! It’s your day to be innovative, dress up and join those eerie parties with your friends.

The Skull

Harley Quinn Inspired

Space Buns

For this look, I kept the makeup same as previous one but changed the hairdo.

Thank you so much The Redfox Makeup Academy for such an amazing work :D


  1. Harley Quinn was the best. Loving blog. ������ Your harley look runs still on my mind


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