Bossy chic look with Suspenders

Welcome back to my blog guys!

Now a days Instagram is flooded with captions related to 'Girl Boss', so I finally decided to create a Bossy Chic look for y'all. 
This look is a fusion of the Formal Bossy look and Casual Chic look. I decided to go for this fusion look because I just love to experiment. 
If you believe that you don't need anybody to move ahead in your life  and you do all your work by yourself or you're a born leader, odds are you're a Girl Boss! 
So here's the look that I created

I took my Dad's Suspenders and attached them to my plain black shorts.

Suspenders give a total bossy look and since I wanted to create a fusion I decided to use them.

You can buy these here.

I wore a white checked shirt to give it a bossy touch and paired a black shorts with it to give it that Edgy and Casual look.

Paired long black boots with this outfit so that the it adds on to the fusion look that I wanted to create.

Wore a classy silver watch with black dial so that the bossy touch stays.

I hope you liked it!

Buy my look: 

(Just click on the brand name)

High Waist Shorts: New Yorker ( Find a similar one here )
Suspenders: Jabong

Photography by Pankaj Mantri


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