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Its Halloweeeeen!! (Makeup Lookbook) ft. The Redfox Makeup Academy

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY'Halloween' is celebrated in a number of countries on 31st October. Halloween activities include attending Halloween costumes parties, carving pumpkin, lighting bonfires , games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, children collecting sweets from neighbours and watching horror films.  However, it is NOT a festival that is celebrated in India, but thanks to our generation welcoming this festival in India as well.
Youngsters have started celebrating the festival by getting ready in their Halloween costumes and going out for a party. On 31st October if you plan to go out for an evening party dressed normally, you'll feel undressed because you'll find everybody in crazy Halloween outfits!
What I feel is that costumes are not the main thing to concentrate upon for this festival, if one really wants to stand out, he/she should concentrate on their makeup

So here I am giving you 2-3 mak…

Bossy chic look with Suspenders

Welcome back to my blog guys!
Now a days Instagram is flooded with captions related to 'Girl Boss', so I finally decided to create a Bossy Chic look for y'all. 
This look is a fusion of the Formal Bossy look and Casual Chic look. I decided to go for this fusion look because I just love to experiment. 
If you believe that you don't need anybody to move ahead in your life  and you do all your work by yourself or you're a born leader, odds are you're a Girl Boss!
So here's the look that I created

I took my Dad's Suspenders and attached them to my plain black shorts.

Suspenders give a total bossy look and since I wanted to create a fusion I decided to use them.
You can buy these here.

I wore a white checked shirt to give it a bossy touch and paired a black shorts with it to give it that Edgy and Casual look.

Paired long black boots with this outfit so that the it adds on to the fusion look that I wanted to create.

Wore a classy silver watch with black dial so that th…

What to do when you've nothing to wear for a festival

Welcome back to my blog guys! 
Deciding ethnic wear for a festival is one hell of a task for our generation. As I mentioned in my last blogpost that our generation is so much into western wear that we never think of buying Indian clothes to update our wardrobe. We only think of buying them when an occasion or festival is round the corner and that's the time we actually start to panic and our indecisiveness comes into picture! 
As Diwali and Bhai dooj are just a week away, I decided to give you ideas on deciding your outfits for both the festivals when you actually have nothing to wear and you don't even want to go out and shop or spend much.
Here are the ideas!

JUST DIG INTO YOUR MOM'S WARDROBE FOR A DIWALI OUTFIT! Yes guys you read it right. Indian mothers literally have so many ethnic wears even if she prefers to wear western. So this Diwali get inside your mother's wardrobe and select an outfit of your choice. Get it altered as per your size and Voila! You have you…