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Anytime Fitness; Value for money

I am back with another fitness related blog and so many more fitness blogs are on your wayyy.On the occasion of World Health Day, Anytime Fitness, Dwarka hosted a bloggers meet where they conducted a bhangra session and a nutritionist session. Today I’ll share my experience with you guys. But before we get into this blogpost, I’d like you all to ask yourself the following questions 
•What comes first? Your work or your health?•Do you want to earn now and lead an unhealthy life in your old age?•Are you doing anything for your health and fitness?•Do you have your desired body?Well, let me answer these questions for you guysWe are so busy working and studying and making money that we aren’t focusing on our health AT ALL. Ofcourse we want to earn money. Heath really doesn't matter right? But think it this way. Do you want to lead an unhealthy life in your old age. Because the way you treat your body today, the results of it is shown in your old age. So put on your shoes and wear those …

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