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The Herbal Treat ft. Amway Nutrilite

Hey you guys, welcome back to my blog!

We've always seen that whenever we fall ill, our Dadi-maa-s, Nani-maa-s and even our mothers try to cure it organically first using herbs like tulsi, neem etc., and then they prefer going to the doctor.
Infact, we've also seen our elders insisting us to have such herbs on daily basis as well to increase our immunity and vitality. 
Today, we all are so busy in our lives that we do not have the time to find such herbs and consume them.
Amway Nutrilite understands the need for such herbs in our body and they have recently launched 4 new health supplements; 

BrahmiAmalaki, Vibhitaki, HaritakiTulsiAshwagandhaRecently, Amway invited me at the celebration event for their 20th anniversary.
There I got to know about a lot related to these supplements and how they support you with immunity, vitality, digestion and mental ability.

My perception completely changed for these supplements after attending that event. Like of most you guys, I also believed that …

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