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Studying Abroad Made Easy with Pearson PTE Academic

Hey guys, Welcome back to my Blog! After a great response on my previous blog post featuring Pearson, I thought of introducing you to Pearson PTE Academic. I got a chance to attend the launch of PTE Academic App and there I got to know about so many things that I am going to share with you in today’s blog post.   As most of you already know, I am currently pursuing Law and I’m in my final year. I have plans to move abroad for my higher education and for getting admission into universities abroad, you need to give a language test and score well in it. This way the universities and colleges ensure that you have a strong command over English language and that it won’t be a problem for you to study and understand the course material and to adjust in their country . After attending the event, I made my mind clear that I am going to choose PTE Academic over all the other tests. I know that by now you have several questions in your mind like ‘What makes her choose

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